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What should I bring to my appointment?
If you decide to have us design and create your wedding or specialty cake, we will ask for an event package. This will include:

1. pictures of your wedding or celebration decor or ideas
2. pictures of cake examples, that inspire you
3. fabric or paint swatches with your colors and fabric
4. flower choices and colors
5. Design inspirations, anything else that will help us get to know the couple’s personal aesthetic and their vision for that special day. 

We will use these materials to create a concept that ties in and complements the details of the wedding decor and your ideas. In order to start the sketching process, we will need a deposit of $100 to save your date on our calendar.  Our Design Consultation appointments are limited to our clients who anticipate 75+ guest servings or a cake of $500+ in value and who want a design consultation for a custom cake. (Classic & Petite Weddings Cakes do not qualify) The cost of the appointment is $35/per person. Because of limited space in our cake studio we can accommodate 2-4 people per session.  We hold consultations once per month, on Wednesdays. We request booking your appointment 60 - 90 days in advance to secure a spot in our next tasting session.  

Thank you, 
Pineapple Bakery
Consultation Tips:

The most important thing you can bring to your wedding cake consultation is information. Good planning on the front end will give you a much easier path to the exact wedding cake you want. Approximate your cake budget and the number of guests you expect to serve. This will determine what kind of cake will best suit your needs. Also, be sure to check with the bakery ahead of time to confirm that they can meet any special dietary needs.

Describe your wedding theme to the baker using as much detail and as many props as you can. If you have your bridesmaids' dresses picked out, bring a swatch of material. If you know the color of your nail polish, bring the bottle. Are you using any photos for wedding inspiration boards? Bring them all. From the type of flowers you're using in your arrangements to the style of music you want to play, each detail will give your baker a better idea of the overall atmosphere of your wedding.

If possible, sketch your ideal cake and bring it to the consultation. You don’t have to be an expert artist. The more details you can give your baker, the better he or she will understand what effect you're going for. The better you can describe your cake now, the more satisfied you will be with the end result.

Don't bring an empty stomach. If you arrive hungry, you will have the skewed impression that the cakes at the beginning of the tasting are more delicious. That being said, however, be sure to leave a bit of room, as you'll be tasting quite a few flavors and you’ll want to enjoy the experience.

Who to Bring

Many bakeries offer complimentary tastings for one or two people, but charge a fee for additional visitors. After all, they're not in the business of hosting dessert parties. Keeping the guest list small also benefits you; while one or two trusted opinions can help you make a better decision, too many opinions can leave everyone confused.

If someone else is paying for your wedding cake, it's pretty much required that you offer an invitation to the tasting. Otherwise, bring your soon-to-be spouse (this is one pre-wedding activity that doesn't encounter much opposition even from the staunchest "no-planners"), a close family member, or a member of your wedding party. If you have a friend who's particularly fond of sweets or who has special baking experience, now is the time to call on his or her expertise.

Savor the Experience

Consultations can be a delightful perk in a sea of pre-wedding obligations. Set aside enough time so you can fully enjoy the experience. Take care to really savor each cake sample, setting the fork down between bites and appreciating the texture and flavor of each one. If you're considering multiple icing, filling, and cake batter choices, taste each one independently and sip water in between so you can rate it on a clean palate.

Don't be afraid to ask plenty of questions. Your wedding cake should not only be delicious, but you're also commissioning a work of art. With all of the thought, creativity, and skill that goes into your collaboration with your chosen bakery, it's essential that everyone is on the same page. It's your vision, and you're choosing the lucky bakery that gets to bring it to life. Have a great time and savor every second!

With the utmost concern for the health, wellness, and safety of our valued guests and local communities, we have made the difficult decision to close our doors until further notice. Stay mindful and safe everyone.

-pineapple bakery